Our History

Since our founding in 1958, Atlas Construction Group, LLC has earned the reputation of bringing the best professionals, teamwork, safety, and strong work ethic to each project.  With two division offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Atlas can effectively manage projects in all geographical locations of Oklahoma and the Midwest Region.

Atlas Construction Group was first known as The Atlas Organization, founded
by Calvin Garrett.  In 1988, his son, Jim Garrett took ownership and in 2003 changed the name to Atlas General Contractors. Atlas continued to build a solid reputation for quality buildings and client satisfaction. Originating in Oklahoma City, a second office was opened in Tulsa to accommodate growth and geographical construction needs which is now the corporate headquarters.  Mike Owen took ownership in 2013 and Atlas now goes by the name Atlas Construction Group.

Atlas proudly builds schools all over the state of Oklahoma and considers this an area of industry expertise.  Atlas has had the privilege of constructing a few iconic buildings, including the Oklahoma City Founder’s Tower and the 1964 Founder’s Bank, renowned for its Mid-Century architecture. Building infrastructures that will have a lasting impact on the community is something we value.

Atlas’s strong focus on maintaining and fulfilling our core values is something we take pride in as a company.  Our team seeks to embody and expand trust and communicate excellence in all that we do.  Atlas uses a team approach that extends beyond the Atlas family to those that we work with.  We listen intently to client’s needs, keep them informed, deliver on promises, and provide a maximum value for the proposed budget.

Atlas values the personal and professional development of every team member.  We invest in the on-going training and education of our team.  Our clients depend on the expertise and experience of our staff, which makes building our Atlas family a top priority. We are confident in the skills and dedication of every team member and their ability to deliver quality projects that meet the needs of the client and the community.


Our vision is to achieve fulfillment in our personal and work lives by building with and for others.



Our mission is to be the construction company of choice for value-minded owners and high performing employees.



Our purpose is to uphold the legacy of excellence.



©2019 Atlas Construction Group, LLC

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