Construction Management


Project documentation and administration is essential when controlling the construction process. Our team conducts reviews of subcontractor submittals and generates RFIs when necessary to accurately document and interpret plans and specifications.


Atlas practices open-forum jobsite meetings including the owner, A/E, subcontractors, manufacturer representatives, major suppliers, building code officials, and other project-related parties. Our weekly meetings address project concerns, queries, and milestones, creating a much faster response time for decision making and contract issue resolution.


Atlas defines quality control as measures for evaluating completed activities and elements of work for conformance with the contract requirements. Discussing these activities with the team early on in the project allows time for remediation or corrective action for better end results.


Atlas quality assurance means implementing procedures that guard against defects and deficiencies before and during the execution of the work. A systematic approach in developing plans for achieving the intended end result is better served when discussed with all players on the project team. Quality Assurance creates a better understanding of difficult details and necessary modifications to be made if required.


Detailed as-built drawings, close out documents and extra materials are clearly organized and documented. Product information, including operation and maintenance manuals and warranties, are organized in binders and delivered to the owner. The project is covered under warranty for a specified time, during which the owner may contact Atlas for any problems that arise. We proudly stand behind our construction and work quickly to resolve issues.

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