General Contracting


Atlas takes a meaningful approach towards working with the design team in selecting the appropriate design type, materials, and products to ensure the budget is met. If required, value engineering is a process by which we collaborate with the team to reduce the estimate without compromising the project’s overall integrity.  This process is more than simply reducing the scope of work to bring a project into the owner’s budget.   Atlas will submit alternative design type, materials, or products to be considered that will ensure the project will be delivered within budget.


With Atlas’s construction schedule, our main objective is to determine the shortest duration necessary to complete all activities for construction.  This process is the Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling process. Along with the CPM schedule the project superintendent will create “3-week-look-aheads” to coordinate all jobsite activities to allow for efficient scheduling.


Project documentation and administration is essential when controlling the construction process. Our team conducts reviews of subcontractor submittals and generates RFIs when necessary to accurately document and interpret plans and specifications.


Atlas practices open-forum jobsite meetings including the owner, A/E, subcontractors, manufacturer representatives, major suppliers, building code officials, and other project-related parties. Our weekly meetings address project concerns, queries, and milestones, creating a much faster response time for decision making and contract issue resolution.


Atlas’s quality control procedures measure and evaluate that all work performed is in strict conformance with the contract documents and that all building codes and AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) requirements are met.


Quality assurance is implementing procedures that guard against defects and deficiencies before and during the execution of the work.  Atlas implements quality assurance during submittal review, through conducting pre-work meetings, and by complying with the contract documents.


Atlas provides accurate as-built drawings, close out documents and warranties as required. We perform owner training and engage in close-out meetings with the owner’s personnel.  Operation and Maintenance Manuals along with warranties are organized electronically and in binders, as required by project specifications.

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