Atlas’s constructability reviews by the pre-construction manager, project manager, project engineer, and project superintendent increase project efficiency during the construction phase.  Reviewing specific design details, sequence of construction operations, and products specified during design minimizes the construction phase duration.


Atlas takes a meaningful approach towards working with the design team in selecting the appropriate design type, materials, and products to ensure the budget is met. If required, value engineering is a process by which we collaborate with the team to reduce the estimate without compromising the project’s overall integrity.  This process is more than simply reducing the scope of work to bring a project into the owner’s budget.   Atlas will submit alternative design type, materials, or products to be considered that will ensure the project will be delivered within budget.


Atlas has a strong history of developing complete, accurate, and detailed estimates analysis at all phases of design.  This starting point for the team is an invaluable point of reference from which we can focus our efforts as the design progresses.  Atlas’s thorough quantity take-offs assist with accurate estimating.  Upon evaluation of the project estimate, decisions for value engineering can be made that will keep the project within the specified budget.


Atlas establishes a construction timeline that is agreeable to all project team members.  For the pre-construction schedule, our main objective is to determine the shortest duration necessary to design, bid, and construct the project.


Atlas starts this process during the pre-construction phase in developing bid packages that are detailed, project specific, and customized for the geographical region where the project is located.  Atlas’s bid packages create a platform for competitive bidding among the various subcontractors and suppliers. Atlas meets all State and Federal Law conformance including Title 61 (State of Oklahoma) and the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974. Upon receipt of bids Atlas will compile all trade contractors bid package pricing and establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

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