New Cafeteria Dome Provides Shelter in Tornado Area

Atlas Construction Group’s Catoosa Dining Hall & Dome project featured by the Monolithic Dome Institute –

“This building is Catoosa Public Schools’ first above-ground storm shelter. The dome has a diameter of 136 feet, and its’ everyday use is to serve as the school cafeteria. Monolithic Domes meet FEMA standards for providing near-absolute protection, and have proven ability to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

In addition to the dome’s ability to act as a community shelter, the energy efficiency and low cost were attractive to the school district. “When you consider safety and energy conservation, the dome seems to be a clear choice, as well as construction time,” stated Rick Kibbe, Catoosa Public Schools’ superintendent.

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Atlas Construction Group’s Catoosa Dining Hall & Dome project featured on News Channel 6 –

The building is said to be able to withstand an F-5 tornado. It has a round roof made of reinforced steel and layer after layer of concrete, making it one of the safest places to be during a natural disaster.

“We do quite a bit of work focused directly on helping communities save lives. We’ve got smarter buildings, and with smarter buildings, we can help save lives,” Michael South, Monolithic Dome President.

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